Hi interweb lovelies,

So I have been in the Surgical Tech program for 2 months now, and I LOVE IT. I’m probably weird for saying such a thing,  but I actually look forward to going to class (maybe not at 8am). This semester, I am also finishing up the Sterile Processing Certificate which I can sit for the exam in June this year, so that’s pretty neat. My preceptors for my sterile processing clinical are awesome. They truly love their jobs and are willing to help me learn the ins and outs of Sterile Processing.

Next semester is going be a little hectic for me. I have basically put my leave notice in for my current job as I know I will be unable to work this position at all once my Summer semester begins. I have been frantically applying to part-time positions that will work with my schedule for the Summer and Fall semesters, really. I have a little bit of a lead on one position, but I am waiting to hear back from them.

For now, I will just pray  the right thing happens and I hope the right thing is for me to find a job to pay for my schooling and still allow me to have medical benefits, which I really need.

Please say a prayer or send some good vibes my way, I really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading.



So far, so good.

Just a quick update for any of those who actually read my posts. I am now in my second week of classes and I am loving it. I am taking two online classes which are going well and one class on campus with a lab – Intro to Surg. Tech and Sterile Processing. We have already learned about 30 instruments.

I’ve also realized lately that with my classes next semester being twice a week for about 3-4 hours each morning I will no longer be able to work in my current position starting in January. I am so fortunate to have a manager and regional manager who are incredibly supportive of my journey to become a CST and are putting the word out that I’m looking for a position to accommodate my school schedule. They are just the best.

On another good note, due to me having to miss about 5 hours in the office on Tuesday mornings, I come back to so much work to be done and recently the doctors have been booking cases left and right (ok, more like 5-6 per day) but that is a definite increase from the last few months when I was bored out of my skull, clearly.

I guess that’s all for now.

Hope you’re all having a great week.


Ain’t no mountain high enough

This past weekend, well Thursday – Monday, we drove to Colorado for some much needed relaxation and adventure!


Our first stop was Saint Mary’s Glacier // Idaho Springs, CO

This was such a beautiful place, (well all of CO is beautiful, really). We hiked about 3/4mi to the base of the glacier to take in the gorgeous Saint Mary’s Lake. My husband and brother-in-law then decide to trek up a mountain opposite of the glacier to get this view. It was definitely worth it, holy moly. But my goodness was it windy. I felt like I was going to get blown off the side of the mountain.

That hike was then followed by some delicious tacos with a beautiful view of a river through Idaho Springs.


Grays Peak Trail //

We got up at 3:00AM, packed up camp and headed toward Grays Peak. We actually ended up parking in the wrong parking lot and hiked an extra 2mi to the trailhead (oops). We got to the trailhead around 5:30AM, ended up having to wait in line for about 30 minutes and then finally began the trek to Grays Peak at 6:00AM. The above picture was taken probably around 7:30AM or so. At this point, my fingers finally regained circulation and I wasn’t breathing as hard as I thought I was going to be, so I had that going for me. HA.

There were so many hikers on the trail that day, which honestly was more motivation to get up the damn mountain, I think.


GRAYS PEAK 14,270FT // 8.5.2017

Never will I forget the day I summited my first 14er in Colorado. Such a wonderful, beautiful and awe-inspiring accomplishment for myself as well as my husband and his brother.

Fun fact: The woman who took this picture actually grew up in (pretty much) the same town as my husband and his brother.

I cannot wait to hike another one sometime next year. It felt incredible!

IMG_1170Looking out over the summit of Grays Peak. Such a beautiful day with perfect weather.  Although it was hella windy (duh, we’re up 14,000ft above sea-level), it was about 55-60 degrees outside.

The descent only took us about 2 1/2 hours to complete, with a few short breaks here and there. Primarily because my husband over-packed his hiking pack and kept trading it with his brother, until I finally took it and hiked the rest of the way down, mainly because I really needed to use the restroom, as there was minimal privacy for women on the trail.

Next year, maybe we’ll try Mt. Democrat, Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Bross, fingers crossed.

I’m guessing my husband will only want to stick with one again.. party pooper 😉


Until next time, Colorado, we love you!




To God be all the glory. I missed a phone call yesterday as I went to the bathroom to change into my workout clothes before leaving work. I noticed the number was a (567) area code, which meant Toledo, OH. Most times it’s just a telemarketer, but this time it was not. I decided I would Google the number real quick, and come to find out it was the Student Advisory Committee.

I returned from the bathroom and had a voicemail from the head of the selective health programs who needed me to return the call ASAP. At this point, my heart was pounding. I called them back and told them my name, the first thing he said was “How would you like it if I gave you some good news today? I have an open seat in the Surgical Technology program for the Fall 2017 start.” I STARTED CRYING. (I feel like partially because I’m on my period and I’m super emotional) but also because I have never been so excited for something, really, ever. Well, maybe besides my wedding day! But this was SO SO SO exciting!

I don’t have to go to my back up plan, I don’t have to re-apply next year, I am IN! Praise the gracious and merciful Lord!

That’s all.

Hope you’re all having a great week.


Hello again,

Just me here, about to “complain” about my job once again. I don’t know why I put quotations around complain, because that’s what it really is.

Ok, so here’s the thing, I work for 2 physicians. One who is probably going to retire here shortly and the other is still working full force. They are both orthopedic surgeons, one of which also runs the ortho residency program here through the main hospital. When I interviewed for this position the practice manager stated this is a fast-paced working environment, you will need to be able to multi-task and be able to cross train in certain areas. At the time, I was thinking “awesome, this sounds like the perfect job and I get to work with ortho doctors again and be around patients.” Boy was the practice manager (mostly) wrong. I mean, when you say this is a full-time position, I have no idea how someone could do this and be pleased with their life for several years…

When the physician signs a patient up for surgery they are brought to my office (which, by the way, enables my already social awkwardness) and I take down some info and provide them with a folder with all their appointments and such. But then I am done, literally until the week before their procedure. That’s it. Very rarely do I need to follow up with Primary Care Physicians, Cardiologists, etc to provide clearance for a patient prior to surgery, but even then it’s not an ongoing task. Granted, I do occasionally need to juggle the phone (to actually schedule the surgery at the hospital), a patient asking me questions and a co-worker asking me about something completely different, but again, that is like once every two months.

I know I have only been here for 7 months, so maybe it’ll pick up towards the end of the summer, but I don’t know. I feel like if I start looking for another position right now, or in the near future, my family and friends are just going to think badly of me once again for jumping from job to job. I just cannot see myself being happy in this position for much longer. I need so much more to do, more brain stimulation, more things to handle. I WANT to multi-task– EVERY DAY! I want to look at the clock at the end of the day and think “where the heck did the day go?” instead of “how the f is it only 1:30?” I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way about their current job, or maybe it’s just me.

I was so used to being so busy all the time in my previous positions, that I just can’t do this for much longer. When I have an incredible amount of time on my hands almost every work day to research houses or check on my status of schooling, or type blog posts (LOL). There are only so many copies of handouts I can put together, only so many schedules I can put together for the following week for the doctor..

I guess I just don’t understand how a doctor who literally sees 70-80 patients on Mondays and Wednesdays and about 30 on Fridays only give me about 4-5 people per week to schedule.

Sorry for being ridiculous, but I need more in my life! UGH.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’re having a better week (career) than me.


Never stop exploring.

IMG_94945.29.17 Bird Hills Nature Area// Ann Arbor, MI

Yesterday was so incredibly beautiful. We left the apartment around 9am to do a short 3 mile hike at a nearby park. I often “complain” about not being close to the mountains and Colorado that I don’t take advantage of the beautiful nature and vast trails we have right here in Michigan.


I could not get enough of the beautiful greeeeeeen trees on those trails. The sun was just starting to shine through the leaves and it was gorgeous.

IMG_94965.29.17 North Bay Park // Ypsilanti, MI

You may notice in the posts to come that I have a slight obsession with weeping willows. Whether they are full of life or barely hanging on, gosh they are beautiful.

Willow trees with their long flowy leaves are just to die for.


I’ll post this one just to showcase my husband’s mad photog. skills ❤

Well, that’s all for now.

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, God Bless those who have sacrificed so much and those who continue to and will in the future. I thank you all for your serve. Freedom isn’t free.


I hate being stupid.

Gah, this just sucks so much. I clearly understand I should have tried harder in high school with my grades and testing, but my college courses and my final GPA wasn’t horrible. I received the e-mail I was super excited to get, however, it did not contain the best information. The guidelines for “admission” or a seat in the selective health programs states you must have at least 55 points to be considered for the Surgical Technology program. Apparently, during this particular evaluation of students I had to have at least 72 points.

My guess is that it is almost all new high school graduates with great grades and test scores who are in. And then there’s me, I’ve been out of high school for 7 years now (holy crap!) and out of college for 3 years (damn!). I have finally figured out what I want to do with my life and now I am put on a waiting list with the hopes that (6- UGH) students will deny their seat. I mean, really though, who would apply to the program only to not want to attend. Makes no sense to me.

I just really hate that I applied myself in college and only a couple of those grades count toward my file for this community college. ALSO, the fact that ACT scores are necessary is kind of bogus too, since I took that FOREVER ago.

I guess you know you’ve hit bottom and cannot come back from horrible high school grades, test scores and decisions made when you’re “wait listed” at a community college.

I apologize for the ranting, this is just frustrating and I just really wanted this.

Hoping those 6 students decide to venture off to bigger schools and other programs!

Thanks for reading, if you did.


Such a small part of this life.

So often we worry so much about such little things in life, when there are far worse situations happening in this world. Last night before going to bed, I asked my husband “Hey, did you see the walk out at Notre Dame during Mike Pence’s commencement speech?” and his response was “No, but did you hear about the bombing during the Ariana Grande concert?”

We become so engrossed in petty politics, little arguments and everything else these days and they mean so little in this life. The fact that there are now 22 fatalities and 59 critically injured is so incredibly heartbreaking. They have come forth to identify 2 individuals, one being an 18 year old girl and the other an 8 year old. A suicide bomber was in Manchester, England last night where hundreds of men, women and children were minding their own business enjoying possibly their favorite artist, and out of nowhere, were struck with such tragedy. I cannot even begin to imagine the heartache, shock, fear and everything else they all must be feeling during this time.

It is so sad that we must watch everything, everywhere at all times. We  have absolutely no idea what could be around the corner. I wish we could just live our lives without the worry of a suicide bomber being in the building and/or potentially sitting next to me somewhere in the future.

Ugh. This world is such a cruel place filled with some cruel, cruel people. I pray for Manchester and the victims of that attack and I hope they find peace in this incredibly difficult time. Life is so damn precious.


One week from today. That is the deadline for the select health program seat requests. I already submitted my request about 2 weeks (I think) ago. I am so anxious about this, not really sure why, but I am.

It was kind of odd, actually, when I was completing my undergrad classes and applying to the Nursing program at my previous university, I was not quite as anxious. Really, I don’t think it was because I wasn’t excited, or I don’t know, maybe it was. But this time around, a different program, a different college, a completely different part of my life. Recently, I have just been so incredibly excited to (hopefully) start the Surgical Technology program in the Fall. I get so excited and pumped just thinking of what clinicals will be like and what procedures I could scrub in on either as a student or merely an observer, either way, I am so excited.

I just pray this is the path God is leading me towards. Although, some days I feel like that is not the way to pray to and/or with God. He knows what He is doing in my life and with my dreams, goals and aspirations.  I need not worry about my life. It is just so nerve-racking to know this may not be the path for me, I just wish there was a way I knew… but unfortunately that is not the way the Lord works.

This blog is not meant to get into my religion and/or prayers, but I just wanted to lay this out there today. I just need someone in the interwebs to pray with me.

(The deadline is May 17th and they said it could take up to 2 weeks following that to let students know if they’ve been given a seat or not).

That is all,

Happy Hump Day!



I’ve come to realize in the past couple of months or so the main reason why I am not fully enjoying my job is because I continue to put myself into position of my old job in Colorado. I gave my phone number to the new assistant that works with the doctor and PA I used to work with in case she has any questions related to his clinic, surgery scheduling, etc. Probably a bad idea on my behalf. Not because I have a problem helping people out, in fact, it’s the complete opposite. I love helping others and giving them advice or tips to make it through tough situations in clinic or otherwise. But it’s not my place anymore.

I need to learn to distance myself from that doctor, PA and their new clinical liaison, as difficult as it might be. I wish so much that I could work remotely for them because I know she is having a difficult time with surgery scheduling and is becoming quite overwhelmed, but again, it’s not my place anymore. I gave it up. Someone else has it now.

If I distance myself with those co-workers that will allow me to fully enjoy the work I am doing at this company, with these new co-workers and doctors. I truly enjoy working in the field orthopedics and I do enjoy my job, however, I could use a lot more work to do… which is probably why I am envious of my old doctor’s new assistant, I know she’s got a lot of work to do. Which is good.. for her. I need to focus on my job, my life in Michigan and job in Ohio. I need to stop getting involved with their clinic and the “drama” that continues to happen. It is so so difficult, but I feel like this is absolutely what I need.