Hi interweb lovelies,

So I have been in the Surgical Tech program for 2 months now, and I LOVE IT. I’m probably weird for saying such a thing,  but I actually look forward to going to class (maybe not at 8am). This semester, I am also finishing up the Sterile Processing Certificate which I can sit for the exam in June this year, so that’s pretty neat. My preceptors for my sterile processing clinical are awesome. They truly love their jobs and are willing to help me learn the ins and outs of Sterile Processing.

Next semester is going be a little hectic for me. I have basically put my leave notice in for my current job as I know I will be unable to work this position at all once my Summer semester begins. I have been frantically applying to part-time positions that will work with my schedule for the Summer and Fall semesters, really. I have a little bit of a lead on one position, but I am waiting to hear back from them.

For now, I will just pray  the right thing happens and I hope the right thing is for me to find a job to pay for my schooling and still allow me to have medical benefits, which I really need.

Please say a prayer or send some good vibes my way, I really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading.



I need some guidance, interweb friends

As you know, I am becoming increasingly bored in my current position.. (sorry, I complain so damn much).

A position has opened up through the hospital system (Mercy Health) for a Receptionist at one of their surgery centers. Because there would be several surgeons doing procedures at this surgery center, I feel like it would be busier than the job I currently hold, plus it’s still within the realm of surgery.

I have been in this position for almost 8 months now, and it literally has been a consistent baseline of “getting there…….” every time the main surgeon I schedule for asks if he’s keeping me busy enough. Every day I have no idea if I will even schedule a single surgery, no joke. I don’t even know if I will get a single phone call on any given day. THAT’S HOW SLOW IT IS.

Rant over, sorry.

What should I do? Is it even ok to be thinking of applying this other position, should I wait it out another month or 2, or should I just go for it? I need some guidance..




One week from today. That is the deadline for the select health program seat requests. I already submitted my request about 2 weeks (I think) ago. I am so anxious about this, not really sure why, but I am.

It was kind of odd, actually, when I was completing my undergrad classes and applying to the Nursing program at my previous university, I was not quite as anxious. Really, I don’t think it was because I wasn’t excited, or I don’t know, maybe it was. But this time around, a different program, a different college, a completely different part of my life. Recently, I have just been so incredibly excited to (hopefully) start the Surgical Technology program in the Fall. I get so excited and pumped just thinking of what clinicals will be like and what procedures I could scrub in on either as a student or merely an observer, either way, I am so excited.

I just pray this is the path God is leading me towards. Although, some days I feel like that is not the way to pray to and/or with God. He knows what He is doing in my life and with my dreams, goals and aspirations.  I need not worry about my life. It is just so nerve-racking to know this may not be the path for me, I just wish there was a way I knew… but unfortunately that is not the way the Lord works.

This blog is not meant to get into my religion and/or prayers, but I just wanted to lay this out there today. I just need someone in the interwebs to pray with me.

(The deadline is May 17th and they said it could take up to 2 weeks following that to let students know if they’ve been given a seat or not).

That is all,

Happy Hump Day!