Such a small part of this life.

So often we worry so much about such little things in life, when there are far worse situations happening in this world. Last night before going to bed, I asked my husband “Hey, did you see the walk out at Notre Dame during Mike Pence’s commencement speech?” and his response was “No, but did you hear about the bombing during the Ariana Grande concert?”

We become so engrossed in petty politics, little arguments and everything else these days and they mean so little in this life. The fact that there are now 22 fatalities and 59 critically injured is so incredibly heartbreaking. They have come forth to identify 2 individuals, one being an 18 year old girl and the other an 8 year old. A suicide bomber was in Manchester, England last night where hundreds of men, women and children were minding their own business enjoying possibly their favorite artist, and out of nowhere, were struck with such tragedy. I cannot even begin to imagine the heartache, shock, fear and everything else they all must be feeling during this time.

It is so sad that we must watch everything, everywhere at all times. We  have absolutely no idea what could be around the corner. I wish we could just live our lives without the worry of a suicide bomber being in the building and/or potentially sitting next to me somewhere in the future.

Ugh. This world is such a cruel place filled with some cruel, cruel people. I pray for Manchester and the victims of that attack and I hope they find peace in this incredibly difficult time. Life is so damn precious.