The wait.

I have decided on my future. Now THAT is a terrifying, but incredibly exciting statement for me. As far as my career path goes, I have decided to pursue Surgical Technology. I recently submitted all of my transcripts and (no matter how horrible) my ACT scores. I never realized how poor of a high school student I was until I looked back on my ACT scores and my transcript. But then again, that was 7+ years ago (wow, I’m old).

Anyways, I just submitted my request for a seat in the selective health program at the local community college. Recently, I have been feeling as if I would be taking a step backwards if I attended a community college, since I have a 4-year Bachelor’s degree already. But then again, if it is going to advance me and push me in right direction of my dreams, that’s not taking a step backward.

I have been watching the website like a hawk for the past couple of days waiting for the ACT scores to be submitted, and literally about 15 minutes ago they were. Pressing that submit button for the request of a seat was kind of scary.

So, with all of that said. Here goes nothing. The due date for the request is May 17, 2017. So I wait until then, possibly after that date, and then I will know if I was accepted!

Wish me luck, interweb friends!


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