It will happen.

Lately I have been going crazy over the idea of buying a house. Ever since Justin said we should “start looking”, which apparently in his mind meant just looking… But then came the constant searching on Realty websites for the perfect home, when in reality, we’ve still got several months until we can truly “start looking.” To me, I just feel like we are sitting here, doing nothing with our lives, obviously we are doing something, but everyone else is doing so much more.

So many of my previous classmates (high school and/or college) are buying homes, starting families, etc. And here we are, living paycheck to paycheck in a one bedroom apartment. Why can’t we have those same things?

Because it takes time.

Once an idea is brought to my attention, I always tend to want to rush it. Things take time, especially huge life-changing decisions. I just need to SLOW DOWN. But boy is it difficult. I need to learn to enjoy where we are at in this stage of our lives. Enjoy each other, our wonderful greyhound and the fact that we are truly happy in life.

But I still just want everything to move faster than it is for some reason.

Everything happens in its own time, I just have to take a step back and let the guy above do His work.


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