Hi interweb lovelies,

So I have been in the Surgical Tech program for 2 months now, and I LOVE IT. I’m probably weird for saying such a thing,  but I actually look forward to going to class (maybe not at 8am). This semester, I am also finishing up the Sterile Processing Certificate which I can sit for the exam in June this year, so that’s pretty neat. My preceptors for my sterile processing clinical are awesome. They truly love their jobs and are willing to help me learn the ins and outs of Sterile Processing.

Next semester is going be a little hectic for me. I have basically put my leave notice in for my current job as I know I will be unable to work this position at all once my Summer semester begins. I have been frantically applying to part-time positions that will work with my schedule for the Summer and Fall semesters, really. I have a little bit of a lead on one position, but I am waiting to hear back from them.

For now, I will just pray  the right thing happens and I hope the right thing is for me to find a job to pay for my schooling and still allow me to have medical benefits, which I really need.

Please say a prayer or send some good vibes my way, I really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading.



just be yourself.

depositphotos_105733772-stock-illustration-just-be-yourself-typography-posterI have always noticed that the majority of the people I work with or have worked with in the past are outgoing, contagiously happy people. I would strive to be that way, but could never muster up to the courage ( I guess) to be outgoing.

When I was in high school I considered myself to be outgoing, but apparently I never knew exactly what that meant. Yes, I was spontaneous and adventurous. But ask me to speak in front of a room full of people or even just a small group of people, you can count me out for that.

I am realizing now that I don’t need to be like those other coworkers of mine, I can just be myself. Yes, I am quiet. Yes, I am reserved. But it doesn’t make me less of a person or a worse employee than others. I don’t express my opinion outright, it usually takes me a little bit to conjure up my thoughts in an organized way to not sound ridiculous, most of the time.

When I first started working with the physician in Colorado he told my manager I need to be more assertive, which I don’t think I ever mastered that. But when I left he kept on saying “boy have I been spoiled.” This made me come to the conclusion that I don’t need to try to be like my other coworkers. Yes, they are wonderful people who light up the room with their contagious energy and enthusiasm. But I feel like I bring something to the table as well. Not exactly sure what, but definitely something.

The same goes for my current position as well. Since day one I’ve been the quiet girl who (most days) stays in her office and is antisocial. Really, this is because I don’t want to bug anyone or get in anyone’s way. But when I told my manager/the doctor I work for they were sad that I need to leave.

I guess the point of this post is just that, just be yourself. There is literally no one in the world who is you. Don’t ever feel like you need to change who you are to either fit in to certain situations or to make someone like you more, they will like you just the way you are. Unless you’re really just an asshole, then I’m not sure. But I’m a true believer that there is good in everyone (except for Donald Trump).




Almost 2 years ago my husband and I adopted the sweetest, most loving, timid and beautiful greyhound. A little over a week ago we had to say goodbye.

When our Nala had her first seizure about a year and a half ago, the vet did a ton of blood work and took x-rays, but everything came back normal. She briefly mentioned getting an MRI to make sure everything was ok. The only problem is that pet MRI’s cost a fortune. A fortune that 20-somethings do not have.

My husband said this to me basically in passing, without putting too much emphasis on its importance. I wish we would have done something back then. When we moved back to Michigan in June 2016, she experienced another (however, less traumatic) seizure. Again, everything came back normal and she was herself that same day.

On Wednesday October 4, 2017, our Nala experienced the worst seizure she’s had since we adopted her. I called my husband on my way to work because I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer, and he answered the phone with “Maggie, Nala had another seizure, this one is BAD.”

My heart SANK.

I met him at the emergency vet clinic where they triaged Nala onto a gurney because she could not stand at all. She was very stiff and had several contusion and abrasions on her hind legs. I could not believe this was happening to our fur baby.

That was the longest and most painful Wednesday. We transported our baby girl to 4 different clinics for tests and lab work and continued support for her discomfort. She ended up staying over 2 nights in the final emergency clinic.

On Friday night I had to drive to Grand Rapids because my best friend was getting married the next day and I was her Matron of Honor. On my way to Grand Rapids, I stopped by the clinic to see my girl again and sat with her for about 20 minutes before I was a blubbering mess. I just couldn’t handle the fact that she looked so incredibly uncomfortable, and I had no idea how much actual pain she was in, or what she was feeling.

At this point, I just wanted to lay there with her all weekend, but I had to leave to make it to the rehearsal in time. I knew when I left that was the last time I was going to see her.

I gave her so many kisses on her soft, sweet face and said my goodbyes. (ps. Greyhounds actually hate their faces being touched) but I clearly did not care. I kissed her face ever since we adopted her and I wasn’t going to stop now.

I sat in the parking lot for about 10 minutes and the tears just kept flowing, they would not stop. Justin called me about 10 minutes later and the tears started again. He was waiting to hear the prognosis from the neurologist and to go over our options.

It was about 10:15pm on Friday October 6th, when my husband called me. Our only option was to start Nala on steroids, and even then she might not recover. She was still immobile and very uncomfortable.

Justin’s voice started to crack and allllll the tears began to flow.

Our baby girl, our nara monster, was no longer meant for us.

I think the worst part about this was being separated from my husband while he had to be at the clinic for everything. Also, the fact that it was supposed to be a happy wedding weekend for my friend. I could not keep it together, whatsoever. My baby girl Nala was gone, in an instant.

She had turned 10 in July, she was supposed to live until at least 12, this was not fair. She was seriously the best dog I’ve had, but now she’s the best dog heaven will have.

I will miss our baby girl everyday for the rest of my life.



So far, so good.

Just a quick update for any of those who actually read my posts. I am now in my second week of classes and I am loving it. I am taking two online classes which are going well and one class on campus with a lab – Intro to Surg. Tech and Sterile Processing. We have already learned about 30 instruments.

I’ve also realized lately that with my classes next semester being twice a week for about 3-4 hours each morning I will no longer be able to work in my current position starting in January. I am so fortunate to have a manager and regional manager who are incredibly supportive of my journey to become a CST and are putting the word out that I’m looking for a position to accommodate my school schedule. They are just the best.

On another good note, due to me having to miss about 5 hours in the office on Tuesday mornings, I come back to so much work to be done and recently the doctors have been booking cases left and right (ok, more like 5-6 per day) but that is a definite increase from the last few months when I was bored out of my skull, clearly.

I guess that’s all for now.

Hope you’re all having a great week.


NO H8!

IMG_1354Yesterday hundreds of individuals gathered and marched in solidarity with the counter protesters of Charlottesville, VA in Maumee, OH.


We must teach love, compassion and kindness. We must teach that no matter a person’s skin color, who they love, how they identify, what their religion is, or what background they come from- they are human beings, we are all human beings who deserve respect and human rights.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes our duty.” – Thomas Jefferson



There is no room in the UNITED States of America for HATE.

The racism needs to stop, the violence needs to stop, the hatred and bigotry needs to stop. Please be a voice for those who are unable to and/or are afraid to. This cannot go on.

Please keep the family of Heather Heyer in your thoughts and prayers as she was fighting for what is right and what she believes in.

Thanks friends.


Ain’t no mountain high enough

This past weekend, well Thursday – Monday, we drove to Colorado for some much needed relaxation and adventure!


Our first stop was Saint Mary’s Glacier // Idaho Springs, CO

This was such a beautiful place, (well all of CO is beautiful, really). We hiked about 3/4mi to the base of the glacier to take in the gorgeous Saint Mary’s Lake. My husband and brother-in-law then decide to trek up a mountain opposite of the glacier to get this view. It was definitely worth it, holy moly. But my goodness was it windy. I felt like I was going to get blown off the side of the mountain.

That hike was then followed by some delicious tacos with a beautiful view of a river through Idaho Springs.


Grays Peak Trail //

We got up at 3:00AM, packed up camp and headed toward Grays Peak. We actually ended up parking in the wrong parking lot and hiked an extra 2mi to the trailhead (oops). We got to the trailhead around 5:30AM, ended up having to wait in line for about 30 minutes and then finally began the trek to Grays Peak at 6:00AM. The above picture was taken probably around 7:30AM or so. At this point, my fingers finally regained circulation and I wasn’t breathing as hard as I thought I was going to be, so I had that going for me. HA.

There were so many hikers on the trail that day, which honestly was more motivation to get up the damn mountain, I think.


GRAYS PEAK 14,270FT // 8.5.2017

Never will I forget the day I summited my first 14er in Colorado. Such a wonderful, beautiful and awe-inspiring accomplishment for myself as well as my husband and his brother.

Fun fact: The woman who took this picture actually grew up in (pretty much) the same town as my husband and his brother.

I cannot wait to hike another one sometime next year. It felt incredible!

IMG_1170Looking out over the summit of Grays Peak. Such a beautiful day with perfect weather.  Although it was hella windy (duh, we’re up 14,000ft above sea-level), it was about 55-60 degrees outside.

The descent only took us about 2 1/2 hours to complete, with a few short breaks here and there. Primarily because my husband over-packed his hiking pack and kept trading it with his brother, until I finally took it and hiked the rest of the way down, mainly because I really needed to use the restroom, as there was minimal privacy for women on the trail.

Next year, maybe we’ll try Mt. Democrat, Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Bross, fingers crossed.

I’m guessing my husband will only want to stick with one again.. party pooper 😉


Until next time, Colorado, we love you!




To God be all the glory. I missed a phone call yesterday as I went to the bathroom to change into my workout clothes before leaving work. I noticed the number was a (567) area code, which meant Toledo, OH. Most times it’s just a telemarketer, but this time it was not. I decided I would Google the number real quick, and come to find out it was the Student Advisory Committee.

I returned from the bathroom and had a voicemail from the head of the selective health programs who needed me to return the call ASAP. At this point, my heart was pounding. I called them back and told them my name, the first thing he said was “How would you like it if I gave you some good news today? I have an open seat in the Surgical Technology program for the Fall 2017 start.” I STARTED CRYING. (I feel like partially because I’m on my period and I’m super emotional) but also because I have never been so excited for something, really, ever. Well, maybe besides my wedding day! But this was SO SO SO exciting!

I don’t have to go to my back up plan, I don’t have to re-apply next year, I am IN! Praise the gracious and merciful Lord!

That’s all.

Hope you’re all having a great week.


Row, row, row.

So I’ve recently picked up indoor rowing as my mechanism for exercise. I was very unhappy with the way my health and fitness had been recently and I needed to make a change. Initially, I wanted to join a cycling class but when I was looking up locations near my work, I happened upon a fitness studio that offers cycling and indoor rowing. Due to my work schedule and the class schedule, rowing was the first class I could make, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I am so, so glad that I did. It is such a great form of exercise. I used to be a runner back in middle school, high school and leisurely throughout college, but then basically stopped exercising except for weekend hikes and the occasional burst of ab workouts at my apartment. I realized I am no good at working out on my own and sticking with a routine, I needed someone to hold me accountable for my exercise, which meant I needed to attend a class.

I started indoor rowing about 2 weeks ago and I have been going about 2-3 times per week since. I really enjoy it. It works almost every muscle group in your body within an hour workout. I wouldn’t say it’s an easy workout, as it is challenging, however, it is better than running. I can feel myself getting stronger and getting into shape. I am very excited to continue this class for a very long time.

One thing I’m most interested in or excited about is the difference in my endurance when I attempt to climb Mount Evans in Idaho Springs, CO (for the second time) in about 3 weeks. My husband and I tried last fall, but not only did we start a lot later in the day than we should have, but we were whooped by the time we summited Mount Spalding, which is about 13,900ft. My husband has been running for the last several months and I have been doing this rowing class, so we are excited to be in better shape this go around.

If you are at all interested in indoor rowing for exercise, do it. You won’t regret it.


I need some guidance, interweb friends

As you know, I am becoming increasingly bored in my current position.. (sorry, I complain so damn much).

A position has opened up through the hospital system (Mercy Health) for a Receptionist at one of their surgery centers. Because there would be several surgeons doing procedures at this surgery center, I feel like it would be busier than the job I currently hold, plus it’s still within the realm of surgery.

I have been in this position for almost 8 months now, and it literally has been a consistent baseline of “getting there…….” every time the main surgeon I schedule for asks if he’s keeping me busy enough. Every day I have no idea if I will even schedule a single surgery, no joke. I don’t even know if I will get a single phone call on any given day. THAT’S HOW SLOW IT IS.

Rant over, sorry.

What should I do? Is it even ok to be thinking of applying this other position, should I wait it out another month or 2, or should I just go for it? I need some guidance..



Hello again,

Just me here, about to “complain” about my job once again. I don’t know why I put quotations around complain, because that’s what it really is.

Ok, so here’s the thing, I work for 2 physicians. One who is probably going to retire here shortly and the other is still working full force. They are both orthopedic surgeons, one of which also runs the ortho residency program here through the main hospital. When I interviewed for this position the practice manager stated this is a fast-paced working environment, you will need to be able to multi-task and be able to cross train in certain areas. At the time, I was thinking “awesome, this sounds like the perfect job and I get to work with ortho doctors again and be around patients.” Boy was the practice manager (mostly) wrong. I mean, when you say this is a full-time position, I have no idea how someone could do this and be pleased with their life for several years…

When the physician signs a patient up for surgery they are brought to my office (which, by the way, enables my already social awkwardness) and I take down some info and provide them with a folder with all their appointments and such. But then I am done, literally until the week before their procedure. That’s it. Very rarely do I need to follow up with Primary Care Physicians, Cardiologists, etc to provide clearance for a patient prior to surgery, but even then it’s not an ongoing task. Granted, I do occasionally need to juggle the phone (to actually schedule the surgery at the hospital), a patient asking me questions and a co-worker asking me about something completely different, but again, that is like once every two months.

I know I have only been here for 7 months, so maybe it’ll pick up towards the end of the summer, but I don’t know. I feel like if I start looking for another position right now, or in the near future, my family and friends are just going to think badly of me once again for jumping from job to job. I just cannot see myself being happy in this position for much longer. I need so much more to do, more brain stimulation, more things to handle. I WANT to multi-task– EVERY DAY! I want to look at the clock at the end of the day and think “where the heck did the day go?” instead of “how the f is it only 1:30?” I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way about their current job, or maybe it’s just me.

I was so used to being so busy all the time in my previous positions, that I just can’t do this for much longer. When I have an incredible amount of time on my hands almost every work day to research houses or check on my status of schooling, or type blog posts (LOL). There are only so many copies of handouts I can put together, only so many schedules I can put together for the following week for the doctor..

I guess I just don’t understand how a doctor who literally sees 70-80 patients on Mondays and Wednesdays and about 30 on Fridays only give me about 4-5 people per week to schedule.

Sorry for being ridiculous, but I need more in my life! UGH.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’re having a better week (career) than me.